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The First Class 1 Bluetooth

The New RailLinx 2.4

Digital Application

Giving you Point-to-Point

Direct Communications

To Your Battery-Powered Locomotive

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RailLinx 900 Control System

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Remote Trackside Switch Control

The New RTSC

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The New 10amp PNP G Scale Throttle

Full Throttles

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The New 6amp O Scale Throttle

Full Throttles

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Through our Certified RCS Dealers

Installation Service

have your locomotive customized to battery-power!

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This is the first Throttle Driven Remote Activated Coupler

The New RailLinx Remote Coupler

RailLinx 2.4…

The New RailLinx 2.4 App is the first Class 1 Bluetooth Digital Application that gives you Point-to-Point, Direct Communications with your battery-powered locomotive all from your Android or I-Phone.

Full Throttle…

Our revolutionary throttle design combines the ease of Plug-n-Play with the power and flexibility to operate multiple locomotives simultaneously with a touch of a button!  With our integrated PNP Transceiver and embedded surface mounted antenna, you can remove the transceiver from the throttle and place it anywhere within your loco for better reception.

RailLinx 900 Transmitter…

This is the first step in a long line of product upgrades for new and existing RCS customers.  By transitioning from 27 to 900 Mhz, this improves reception with greater distance and locomotive control.  Giving you more functions to control your loco with greater ease of operation, all in one system!


The RTSC was inspired and designed by my father “Dick Isard” to give enthusiasts the ability to remotely control your trackside switches from an RF Transmitter.  This idea was designed to help anyone with bad knees the ability to operate their track switch remotely from a RF Transmitter without bending over.

RailLinx 900 Booster…

The RailLinx 900 PNP Booster absorbs the heat generated from your Throttles, Decoders, Receivers heat-sink and increases it’s ability to generate more pulling power without adding the price of an additional throttle.

RailLinx Solenoid Coupler…

The RailLinx 900 is the first throttle that brings “Ingenutiy” in coupler control to the spotlight.  With our new solenoid coupler you can plug-in directly to either any of our throttles and remotely control the front & rear couplers from the RailLinx 900 Transmitter.