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RailLinx RTSC “Remote Trackside Switch Control”

Brand: RCS America
Product Code: RCS-RTSC
In Stock
Price: $189.00

Introduction: Welcome to the New RailLinx 900 Control System now manufactured in the U.S. by RCS America. This is the first step in a long line of product upgrades for new and existing RCS customers. By transitioning from 27 to 900 MHz, this improves reception with greater distance and locomotive control. Giving you the enthusiast more functions to control your locomotive and greater ease of operation all in one system.

Overview: The RTSC System (Remote Trackside Switch Control) was inspired to give enthusiasts the ability to remotely control your trackside switches from an RF Transmitter. This idea was designed by my father (Dick Isard) to help anyone with bad knees the ability to operate their track switch remotely from a RF Transmitter without bending over.

Features: In conjunction with the RailLinx 900 Control System, the RTSC can control up to 30 programmable switches, powered by either one 12V – 7amp SLA battery or a 110V DC Power Wall Transformer (supplied with the kit). One RTSC can operate 4 switches in series or 8 switches in parallel. Each RTSC System is housed within an waterproof plastic case. Each system has four five pin aristo quick connectors attached to one of four terminal outputs that get connected directly to your switch and to our double sided Dwarf LED Signal Light. Each Dwarf LED Signal Light has four Super-Bright LED’s, (Two Green / Two Red) two on each side of the case. LED indication: Green Mainline, Red Sidetrack.

Cool Features: One of the coolest programming features embedded within the RailLinx 900 coding, is it’s ability to multi-task. For Example: If you we’re having an ops session with several of your fellow RailLinx enthusiasts and they wanted to remotely control your switches with their transmitter, they can. All they need to know is the number that correlates to your switch and they can open or close that switch from their transmitter. When you receive your RTSC system, it will already be pre- programmed to the default “Home” & “Frequency” settings. These default settings have been preset to channel 1, that correspond to the keypad on the RailLinx 900 hand transmitter. These preprogrammed frequencies are linked to the transceiver within your RailLinx 900 hand transmitter and do not need to be relinked every time you turn the system on. The RTSC system will automatically be set to the “Home” position. The means that every time you power on your RTSC unit, (whether you left it switched to the mainline or sidetrack) the RTSC will automatically move your track switch to the mainline and turn the dwarf signal LED to Green.

RTSC Operational Manual

RTSC Specifications: Frequency Bandwidth: 902 – 928Mhz

Operational Distance: 350 – 400ft.

Maximum Transceiver Operational Reception: 3000ft.

Maximum Switches Operational Per Unit: 4 in Series / 8 in Parallel

Maximum Switches Operational by the RailLinx 900 Transmitter: 30 in Series / 60 in Parallel

Frequencies per Unit: 100 Maximum

Input Voltage: 12 VDC / 110V DC Converter.

NT Transceiver Operational Voltage: 12 VDC Battery / 110 Volt DC Converter.

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