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RailLinx 900 Hand Transmitter

Brand: RCS America
Product Code: RCS-R9TX
In Stock
Price: $169.00

Description: Welcome to the New RailLinx 900 Control System now manufactured in the U.S. by RCS America. This is the first step in a long line of product upgrades for new and existing RCS customers. By transitioning from 27 to 900 MHz, this improves reception with greater distance and locomotive control. Giving you the enthusiast more functions to control your locomotive and greater ease of operation all in one system.

Features Include: Soft Pillow Top Membrane PCB (Double Tac) Keypad: Our membrane keypad overlay design was inspired by your TV remote. One touch simplicity and easy to move your thumb across the double tac domes, gives you ability to familiarize yourself with the location of each button and not have to look at an LCD monitor (using both hands) to figure out how to operate your locomotive.

900Mhz NT Series Transceiver’s with optional extension antenna’s: RCS America has partnered with Linx Technologies to bring you exceptional, bi-directional wireless data transfer for RF Remote Control Operations. The NT Series modules have exceptional sensitivity, giving you outstanding range of up to 3,000 feet line of sight. Current consumption and low power states are optimized for battery-powered devices.

The NT Series transceiver is a highly integrated FSK transceiver designed for operation in the 863–870MHz and 902–928MHz frequency bands.

The NT Series transceiver is a low-cost, high-performance synthesized FSK transceiver capable of transmitting and receiving serial data at up to 300kbps. Its exceptional sensitivity results in outstanding range performance.

A low-power onboard communications processor performs the radio control and management functions, while an interface processor performs the higher level functions and controls the serial and hardware interfaces. This block also includes voltage translation to allow the internal circuits to operate at a low voltage to conserve power while enabling the interface to operate over the full external voltage. This prevents hardware damage and communication errors due to voltage level differences.

Antenna Considerations: The choice of antennas is a critical and often overlooked design consideration, that is why we have incorporated the 1/4 Wave line of Linx “Antenna Factor” products in use of all our RF Remote Control Devices. The range, performance and legality of an RF link are critically dependent upon the antenna. While adequate antenna performance can often be obtained by trial and error methods, antenna design and matching is a complex task. Professionally designed antennas such as those from Linx Technologies will help ensure maximum performance and FCC and other regulatory compliance.

Locomotive Channels: 16 channels, 8 in series or 16 in parallel. Each channel carries 101 frequencies. On the RailLinx 900 Hand Transmitters these can be defined as “A” & “B.” There are 101 frequencies per (A & B) channel, but the RailLinx 900 TX only uses 8 frequencies per channel.

Frequencies: 101 Frequencies per channel. The RailLinx 900 transmitter uses two channels. The first: Locomotive control uses 16 frequencies, 8 frequencies on the “A Side” and 8 frequencies on the “B Side.” The Second: The RTSC (Remote Trackside Switch Control) Unit, uses one channel with 60 different frequencies. Each frequency operates between 902 – 928 Mhz.

Channel Spacing: 250 Khz

1/4 Wave Monopole Surface Mounted Antenna: The LP 1/4 Wave Series Antenna utilizes a helical element which greatly reduces the Antenna’s size while allowing high performance and long distance reception.

5 DC Sound Triggers: The RailLinx 900 has 5 DC sound triggers that can be wired directly to either 6 or 10amp Throttles.

12 DCC Sound Triggers: Software update in 2017.

Easy Locomotive “Recall” Button: The “Recall” feature enables you to operate more than one locomotive at a time. When you have two or three separate locomotive turned on, all on separate channels. By pressing the “Recall” button, this will toggle between the locomotives making it easy to operate multiple locomotives at the same time. After you press the “Recall” button, the horn will sound indicating which locomotive your linked to.

30 Remote Trackside Switch Controls: Capable of switching up to 60 remote trackside switches.

Automatic Ditch-Light Crossing Horn Trigger: The RailLinx 900 Control System is the first and only throttle that is capable of remotely triggering the ditch lights of your locomotive. When the “Horn” sound is activated by the number 1 trigger on the RailLinx Hand Transmitter, the ditch lights will automatically begin to flash and stay flashing as long as the horn is triggered. We recommend programming the crossing horn in the Phoenix Sound Card Program to the number 1 trigger, that way when you press the horn trigger (number 1) both the sound and the ditch lights will trigger the length of time in which you programmed them too. You can preset the length of the Horn Sound in the Phoenix P8 Programmer. We usually program the Crossing Horn into the Trigger 1, then you can set the length as long as you would like. 10 seconds is usually the norm. We also use the automated CR-U51F Flashing White 5mm LED with the full wave bridge rectifier and inline resistor that works between 5—19 volts DC. You can purchase a pack of 5 LED’s for $25.00 at

Front & Rear Remote Throttle Couplers: The RailLinx 900 Control System is the first and only throttle coupler that is actuated by a pulse of current to the solenoid that opens either the front or rear coupler from the 6 or 10amp throttles. Each coupler comes with two black wire leads from the solenoid that is connected directly to our throttle. Screw terminal (CA) is designated for the front coupler and screw terminal (CB) is designated for the rear coupler. Once the coupler leads are connected to the throttle, you can remotely trigger each coupler through a series of button codes. By pressing (AUX / A / ENTER) or (AUX / B / ENTER) the front and/or rear couplers will open and stay open until you latch up to your load.

Loco Posi-Change: This feature makes it easy to latch up in switch yards and automatically change the direction of your locomotive. Here’s how it works: When your locomotive is moving in either direction you can press the “Direction” button on the RailLinx 900 Hand Transmitter and your locomotive will decrease (at 25% of throttle speed) it’s speed, come to a controlled stop and automatically change directions, then it will wait for you to press the “Up Arrow” button to increase speed.

Remote Sound Volume Control: Software update in 2017.

Preset Locomotive Speed Control: Start speed settings are programmable up to 256 steps. The rate of acceleration and deceleration is pre-programmed at 128 steps.

Made in the USA: All RCS America products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.  Right here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Wireless Communication: There are many factors governing the useful range of wireless products. The RailLinx 900 operates between 902—928Mhz radio band as do many cordless phones, wireless computer networks, home automation systems, and wireless security devices which all contribute to radio interference. That is why the RailLinx 900 is designed with the New NT Series Transceiver from Linx Technologies. The NT Series Transceiver gives reliable bi-directional, long-range data transfer between RF devices, for exceptional sensitivity giving enthusiasts outstanding range up to 3000 ft., line of sight.

FCC Approval: AN-00140 / Section: 15.249

RailLinx 900 TX User Manual

RTSC User Manual

Installation Guide: Coming Soon

License Agreement: These license terms is an agreement between RCS America and you, “The Customer.” They apply to any hardware, software, firmware and/or any method by which you receive and use these items. These terms apply to Updates, Network or App based software/graphics, Support Services, Hardware, Software and/or Firmware on all RailLinx 900 Product lines. By using any of the items listed in this agreement, you accept the terms of the agreement. The Product (RailLinx 900 Control System) is the intellectual property of RCS America, a subsidiary of Cordless Renovations, LLC. This agreement gives you limited rights to use the Product. RCS America reserves all other rights. This Product is copyrighted, and has a “patent pending” in technical design, software and code which incorporates RCS America technology and/or intellectual property. You may use this Product only as expressly permitted in this agreement. You may not . . . work around any technical limitation of this Product. Reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble this Product. Make copies of this Product. Publish any portion of this Product for others to copy. Make a derivative work of this Product, and use any portion of this Product together with an unauthorized product.

View the entire license agreement at RCS America’s website.

Warranty: This Product is fully factory tested and warranted against manufacturer defects for a period of 1 year from the DOP. As circumstances in which this product is installed can not be controlled, failure of the product due to installation problems can not be warranted. This includes: Misuse, improper wiring, operation under conditions beyond the design range of the product. Operating this product in weather conditions (ie: rain, snow, etc…) that would accumulate corrosion or shorts to electrical contacts. Manufacturer defect refers specifically to the physical assembly of the hardware circuit board, transceiver, membrane overlay, PNP transceiver socket and all electrical components pertaining to the usage of the RailLinx 900 Control System. Since this design is flash upgradable; software defects/bugs are not grounds for replacement. In the event that you discover a software problem, the throttle can be returned to RCS America for reprogramming.

Accidental Damage: Failures caused by faulty installation or lack of adherence to the methods outlined in the installation guide are not covered under the manufacturers guarantee. If you experience an “accident” during installation and your RCS America product will no longer work, please give us a call so we can help solve the problem. We understand that accidents happen, but we can not financially be liable for installation mistakes.

Customer Service / Parts: For warranty or replacement parts, contact Technical Support at 319-366-7294

RailLinx 900 Series
Locomotive Channels 16
Channel Spacing 250 Khz
Frequency 902 - 928 Mhz

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